Why Rajasthan govt is Hiding Corona Positive Data

Since the corona spread both central and state govt were very cautious in handling the situation very carefully. After few months the question in on every other’s mouth Why Rajasthan govt is Hiding Corona Positive Data?

We have many kinds of news reports and the status reports also tells it self that truth is being hide. There are very strong questions on which state govt has no answer

  • Why Districts were told to not release the data to the public domain ?
  • When Doctors at PHC were asked to conduct test 100 case per day ? There were no positives in Pali District for several Days ?
  • What happened to Much Hyped Bhilwara model ?
  • Why Testing capacity was reduced ?
  • Why Govt isn’t admitting that there is less oxygen and less beds than actual requirement ?
  • Why The death toll isn’t matching from the Funeral Station ?
  • Why Only half data of Covid-19 Positive is shown every day where as local newspapers are specifying much more data then state govt status report ?

Questions can be asked at large numbers but as we know. Govt is always quite famous for being mum on such question? As far as we know Local State govt of Rajasthan has not been honest in releasing the actual data of covid 19 positive cases ?

We also know that There were politics involved to thrown out the Ashok Gehlot which had the support of ruling govt. But After all any govt should be honest towards it citizens.

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