Vidyarthi Suraksa Durghatana Bima Yojana | March 2020

What is the student safety accident insurance scheme? And who can get the benefit of it:-

The Student Safety Accident Insurance Scheme was implemented by the State Government in the year 1996 for all students studying in government schools in the State and the scheme was renewed in the session 2011.

Under the scheme, students studying in all government schools in the state die in the accident and in case of physical damages, the mother/mother of the students is not able to do so. Father/Father The scheme has been launched with a view to provide the benefit of insurance scheme to the custodian.

Under the definition of student for the scheme, the student means the enrolment of any government school located in the state of Rajasthan on the day of accident is from the student registered in the register. Students studying in all government schools run by the state Government are included in the scheme.

What is this plan:-

The scheme is to compensate students for accident losses

Under this scheme, insurance money for students from Class I to XII of government schools has been fixed at ₹ 100000.

The loss supply amount under student accident insurance scheme will be in addition to the damage supcany amount to be paid under any other law legislation.

The insurance claim is paid to the claimant’s bank account.

The claim form is required to be submitted to the concerned district office of this department within 6 months from the date of accident.

The total amount will not be paid more than the insurance money if there is more than 1 accident in the policy term.

Under student safety accident insurance scheme, insurance money is paid in case of death of student in accidents or other physical damages as per the provisions of the scheme.

The damage caused by the accident under the scheme means any physical injury which is external, violent and visually related.

The reference to physical injury should have arisen from this accident , not before the scheme , obviously only those cases under the scheme shall be considered in which death or physical damage/damage sin. Arises from accidents.

It is clarified that death loss should be directly related to the student’s benefit and type of damages of the Student Safety Accident Insurance Scheme:-

On death in accident- Rs. 100000

On both hands or both legs or one hand or one eye or one foot and one foot or one leg and one hand damage in the accident – Rs. 100000,

On damage to one hand or one leg or one eye in an accident – Rs. 50000

In case of complete disability of the student from the above type of physical damage other than the above sati in the accident- Rs.

In case of loss of hearing power:-

Complete loss of hearing power ( loss of two ears) – Rs. 50000

Loss of hearing power (complete loss of one ear) – Rs. 15000,000

Damage to the thumb and fingers of one hand:-

Thumb and four fingers of one hand (all finger damage) – Rs. 40000,000

Four fingers (all finger damage) in addition to one hand thumb – Rs. 35000,000

Damage of hand thumb damage to both fingers – Rs. 25000,

One finger damage – Rs. 10000,

Loss of fingers other than thumb of hand – Rs. 10000,

On damage to all fingers of any finger – Rs. 8000,

On damage to two fingers of any finger – Rs. 4000,

In case of damage to the thumb and fingers of the foot:-

Loss of all the pavagulies of both feet (loss of all fingers) – 20000, Rs.

Damage to one thumb of the foot (damage to both fingers) – Rs. 5000,

One thumb damage of the foot (one finger) – Rs. 2000

Loss of one or more fingers of the foot in addition to the thumb (damage to both fingers)- 1000, rs.

In addition to the above, sick money can be paid up to a maximum of ₹ 5000 on hospitalization in government or private as a result of accident injury.

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