Why Shala darpan staff login Link always works for Fews Teachers every time ?

While making efforts on shala darpan staff login in order to do online work on Shaala Darpan. The Staff Window and the Shala Darpan login link remain active but many teachers complain that the login link isnt working for them due to server issue. We have a special link for you which also has Shala darpan school login.

Shaala Darpan

The shala darpan staff login on the shaala darpan website

Staff Window login issue error solution

While attempting for login into shaladarpan website teachers first encounter with the non functionality of web page and google chrome throws an error like. this one


Solution is to click on Advance and then click on the Proceed to rajshaladarpan.nic.in (unsafe), the atacker wont steal any information if you have choose the right website from the google search engine.

Know School NIC-SD ID

From this link you may find the school’s SD id according to the block level or by entering the school level. The district name block and the captcha code entry is must.

Know Staff Details

If you want to login into shala darpan staff search then you will get the full list of school staff members, you may try this option in order to contact some one from school. The contact details and name with designation can be shown staff login shala darpan. No sensitive information will be provided after shaladarpan staff login.

Register for Staff Login

If you do not have the login link then you first have to enroll on shala darpan website by register your school login or staff login. after that you may use the shala darpan website facilities.

Transfer Schedule

If some one is transferred to one location to another location you may check the process of his/her transfer. Who will release you and who will affirm your join is not your burden. This process is done very smoothly over shala darpan website.

Help Desk

If you not getting idea what is going on then you may seek the help details of the contact persons from this portal which has the help desk. Here you will get documents like how to do thing on shala darpan.

User Manual

This area does the same magic as the help desk but here you will get the document for every process. The user manuals are always good the the first time guys.

FAQ (Leave & Attendance)

if you have some doubt on the chutti or chuttiyan kaise leni hai thing you may check the rules and regulation for getting leave and in what circumstances you will be declared as absent.

Transfer Orders

If the shiksha sankul or the education ministery has a transfer order for today or the latest one you will get it here. People often check the transfer order on this portal in hurry. Because it is one of the most checked pages on shala darpan website and Shala darpan staff login.

Seniority List Instructions

Who will get the seniority and on what basis things are done you will get in this manual. The rule book has every thing mentioned properly. You must check the seniority list on Shala darpan staff login.

Apply Award Application 2020 (Private)

The private members can also apply for the award which will be awarded to the teachers for commendable job in year 2020. This award arrangement is once in a year process. Check such awards at sd staff login.

Quick Links on Shala Darpan Website

You may find the persons on this portal whose birthday and the retirement day belong to current day as today. There you have to enter your details like

search Birthday Today on shala darpan
Birthday Today on shala darpan

While you can also check who is going to retire by selecting the district and designation. You have to write the captcha code in order to prove yourself as a human being to the system.

Retiring This Month on shala darpan

Shala Darpan Review

The facility has enabled school staff members perform thousands of online work from there mobile so that they can avoid visiting BLO office and making request again and again to the senior members to confirm the action or approve the matter.

Teachers are much happy with this portal. The previous working BJP govt led by SMT vasundhara Raje brought high speed servers for the smooth action on shala darpan website and other online work like shala darashan, shala darpan school staff search and shala upasthiti

If you want to read this article in hindi you may also try the google translate or the bing hindi translation. Read more and do contact us for any doubt or for adding information on request.

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