Self Defense Training for Girls in Schools

Why Self Defense Training for Girls is so important ?

Of course there is a dire urgency for these kinds of program to make our girls a bit stronger. So that in case of any kind of attack or misbehave they can protect themselves from molesters. Recent time there were no evidence seen by the girls. At the time of molestation girls surrendered t save their lives.

Why should we stop any one from defend itself ? Girls learns a skill way better than boys. What does it takes ? Just a little steps towards training of Self Defense Training for Girls . in Rajasthan it is called as “सक्षम : आत्मरक्षा प्रशिक्षण ” So We will start how govt is supporting such noble cause and started working on it.

Complete knowledge of the activity to make girls self-reliant in school education

A competent campaign (self-defence training) is conducted in all the districts of the state to train all government upper primary schools and girls of secondary and higher secondary schools for mental and physical self-defence. For which self-defence training is imparted to the girl child by training the teacher and teachers of the government school.

So that the girl child can be regularly practiced for self-defence training throughout the session and in the forthcoming session as well as awareness among the girl child about physical health and nutrition, gender protection and child rights.

Competent , self-defence training conducts in which schools

This activity is conducted in all elementary level upper primary schools and selected primary schools (where enrolment is as per prescribed criteria) in all secondary and higher secondary schools at secondary level in government schools.

Self Defence Training, Necessary Guidelines for Conducting Competent At School Level:-

Trained Teachers/Teachers The teacher will provide intensive training to the girls for 3 months, which should be of small group group 15 to 20 girls.

In which all the girls can be given full guidance to keep in mind that training should not be imparted immediately after meals.

Girls from Class VI to VIII in elementary schools and classes VI to VIII in secondary school and girls from Class IX to XII should be imparted training in separate groups.

Training to girls at elementary level is payable at a minimum of 45 days per month, 15 days and three months period.

At secondary level, girls will have a minimum of 30 days of training in a period of 10 days per month and 3 months, which is a trained teacher/teacher. will be given by the teacher itself.

Post-training, the practice of girls should be continued which is continuing throughout the session and is part of the school schedule.

Trained teachers per school will be given ₹ 100 honorarium for imparting self – defence training to girls in the vidyalaya , which will be from the joint signatures of the institution head and peeo .

The first phase of training of girls is conducted in the month of October, after mid-term recess, month in November, the second phase will be conducted after the winter session, the third phase is conducted in February.

Special care should be taken to make sure that any girl is taken out of the school premises or before school time/ Subsequently, training should not be imparted without the written permission of the institution head or s.m.c. In the event of being a teacher , the presence of another teacher will also be mandatory .

The girl child has full opportunities for regular practice on self-defence techniques and under the supervision of the instructor-teacher, it will be the responsibility of the institution head.

For regular practice, half an hour should be kept during school hours per week in the period of division.

A half day workshop will be organized to provide information on safety, security and legal provisions and aid institutions with girls from all schools.

Encourage all girls as well as children to participate in the workshop.
The said workshop will be monitored by PEEO which will discuss with all the institution-Pradhans and try to identify and contact the person in reference.

300 per workshop has been provided for this purpose which can be used to pay honorarium to the reference person or use the material in the workshop.

The priority of selecting the reference persons is to be called in view of the child safety provisions, which will be invited from the police department, CWC, from the court, child law specialist, child protection specialist, defence experts.

Provision and guidelines for yoga medical kit (first aid box) have been issued for the same.

Expected results for the department from competent , self-defence training

All girls from Class VI to XII in the Vidyalaya will be prepared on the techniques of self-defence.

The girl child will get information about their safety procedures, laws, various committees, grievance redressal mechanisms etc.

In the context of their own safety, the girl child will be able to identify the challenges in the potential social, family and school and seek help from the family school and pier group to overcome the same.

The training will enable the girl child to be prepared for a personal and collective solution to the challenges in continuing education, the impact of which can be assessed as regular stoppage in attendance at the school.

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