Right Way to Apply For Loan

We often blame the banks for not getting approval of the applied loans. So We are here writing for you to check what is proper procedure to apply for loan in indian banks. So that You get the loan easily and bank will seriously process your application form.

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You should keep your required data with your loan application form. That should be duly checked and verified by the concerned authorities.

Few things which we have listed out should be kept with your application form either physical documents or digital documents.

  • Income tax Returns of Last Three Years
  • Your KYC Details
  • Your Cibil Score
  • Your Bank Statement.

And few other loan types may have specific requirements such as

  • Company details
  • Rent Agreement
  • business registration
  • overdraft details
  • previous loan details
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Equipment Ownership
  • Warrantee Period
  • Your Insurance against loan

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