Reservations in model schools Completes Rules and Guidelines

Sc tribe certificate issued in respect of economically weaker section OBC, BPL, handicapped, etc. should be issued by the concerned State Government or the authority concerned with the Government of India if the child’s certificate is not available, the certificate of the parent will be initially accepted for the purpose of admission in such case but the relevant certificate shall be required to be deposited within 3 months of admission.

For admission to Class IX, The Body

Admission to Class IX in Swami Vivekananda Government Model Schools will be done under the policy as follows:

Maximum number of students in-admission as per section 2 in class IX per model school will be 80

Students of Class VIII studying in Swami Vivekananda Government Model Schools will be eligible for admission in Class IX on attaining grade B or 40% or more level in class VIII.

Model school students who score less than Grade B or 40% will be given upper primary education completion certificate under RTE and admitted to a state school

Entrance test will be conducted on the basis of commodity question paper for admission to class IX

Students who score 33% marks in entrance examination will be eligible for admission in class 9v

There will be no provision for scrutiny after issuance of entrance test marks

Even after selection in the entrance test, the student will not be eligible for admission as long as he makes available the necessary documents to the Committee and the Committee is fully satisfied with the said documents.

In case of any dispute, the decision of the district level committee will be finally valid.

The provisions for reservation in admission to model schools shall be as follows:-

Out of the in-entry seats to be given on the basis of entrance test in blocks other than Baran district in TSP area in the state-16% for SC-12% for OBC-21% and special backward classes-1% reservation and remaining 50% seats will be filled with unreserved category.

Reservation in block belonging to TSP area for Scheduled Tribes as per state government criteria- 45% for SC- 5% and remaining 50% seats will be filled with unreserved category

For the seats to be filled through entrance test in all the blocks of Baran district- 8%, for ST-6%, for backward classes -10% for special backward classes -1% saharia category -25% will be reserved and remaining 50% seats will be filled with unreserved categories.

Minimum 55% seats in each category will be reserved for girl students and 3% seats for persons with disabilities

If 55% of the girls belonging to any category are not available for admission, the remaining seats will be filled with the same category of students, similarly, 3% of the persons with disabilities will be filled with students of the same category.

In case students of that class are not available for the seats earmarked for any class, the seat will be filled with unreserved category.

Procedure of Entrance Test:-

State/State of the respective block in entrance examination. Students studying in class VIII of privately recognized schools will be able to participate

The entrance test will be conducted at Swami Vivekananda Government Model School in the concerned district.

The entire responsibility for construction of paper for entrance examination and implementation of entrance examination will be of the Committee constituted at the district level as above.

The question papers will ask objective questions on the subject of Mathematics, General Science, Hindi and English.

The question paper will be of class VIII level.

The question paper will be of a total of 100 points and each subject will be given equal marks.

In the said question paper, questions of subjects other than Hindi subject will be printed in English language.

The duration of the entrance test will be 3 hours.

The process of entrance examination will be completed by 1st April by the Committee constituted at the district level and the admission process will be completed by 30th June on the vacancies available in the category-wise priority list made on the basis of this examination.

The district level Committee will publish information on block war vacancies and also wide publicity through other media.

The question papers will be produced in five different order through district Education and Training Institute by the District Level Committee.

The printing and distribution of question papers will be done by the District Project Coordinator.

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