Khele Bharat Khile Bharat Yojana

“Khele Bharat – Khile Bharat What is the concept of ” ? And what are the financial provisions made by the Government in school education to give importance to sports?

Sports is an important part of our lives. And this gives a special help in the blood circulation in the body, which can also lead to the development of our brains in the proper direction.

The same mental development begins with our school days. But exercise, and sports are very essential for physical development, which we can achieve physical development through sports.

It is not possible to get that through any other means. Sports is considered to be the best means of exercise, playing the body is fit, dynamic and vibrant, and the game played in the spirit of sportsmanship is an awakening of mutual harmony and team spirit in the mind of the individual.

It is very necessary and mandatory for all round development of any person or child. Recognizing the importance of sports for the health and strong future of children, as it moves forward with equal importance in both sports and education . “Played India Bloom0 “- Under the India programme,

the government has provided a sports grant in every primary and upper primary school. Under which a budgetary provision has been made by the Government to release sports material in every school and to encourage sports, it is the intention of the Government to speed up all round development of children and take their lives in the right direction by being conscious of child sports and discipline from student life.

What will be the sports grant amount:-

For Primary Schools:- Rs. 5000/- per annum

For Upper Primary Schools:- Rs. 9000/- per annum

For Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools: – Rs. 25000/- per annum

How the sports grant amount is to be used:-

The sports grant amount is to be used to purchase age compliant sports material equipment to schools.

List of age compliant sports content devices selected by Ministry of Human Resource Development0 “SHALADARPAN” is available on the portal.

SMC / SMC It is necessary to ensure availability of sports facilities in SDMC schools and purchase of sports material as per the usefulness of schools and students.

In addition to the sports material of the list released on “rajshaladarpan”, other sports materials useful to schools and students can also be purchased as per the availability of sports facilities in the Vidyalaya.

To encourage regional and traditional sports in schools, low price sports material and equipments can be purchased at the local level.

The grant amount can be used by the Directorate of Elementary and Secondary Education in purchasing the sports material of sports to be played in sports competitions held in government schools.

Sports equipment se sports equipment made by the sports grant amount in the Vidyalaya/Sports Content Record will be retained in the equipment stock register.

Physical Education of the Vidyalaya/ A record of sports material will be held by the sports teacher and the material will be used in the game.

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