Joining Period Rules According to RSR IMP for Govt Employee

What is the joining period/time period? Joining time rules, Go! Who gets it and how much profit can be received. As per complete information,(RSR):-

Joining Period Rules

What is the joining period?

The time taken by the employee to join the new post when transferred from one post to another is called the time taken time.

Who gets the benefit of the joining period?

All government employees of the Government of Rajasthan who come under the control of Rajasthan Service Rules (R SR) apply the rules of the time of assumption.

In addition to the above, the exceptions are also covered by three categories of other employees.

who is appointed on contract

Work Charge Employees &

The employees who receive payment from contingency fund.

Transfer – i.e. being appointed from one post to another Transfer can be done in three ways.

own choice

By The Government (in public interest)


Liability of joining period:-

If the employee makes his voluntary transfer. Or, no assignment of leave is payable on the transfer on his prayer letter.

After transfer rule amendment dated 2.8.2005, leave leave is payable on the transfer order when the word is recorded in public interest.

If the employee is transferred in action under disciplinary action, the assignment period can be given only at the discretion of the competent authority.

If the employee has temporary transfer for 180 days, no assignment period will be payable to the employee.

How unusable work will be used on the day of assumption of time:-

If the employee takes over his new position before the joining period, the remaining days out of the days he receives for his joining period are added to his accrued leave.

What is the duration of the joining period:-

When the employee is transferred locally, he has a 1-day work period of up to 2 kms.

More than 2 km but 10 days up to local 200 km

10 days by train from 0 to 4 kms

12 days by bus from zero to 1000 km

1000 to 2000 km 12 days by train+ 15 days by bus

15 days above 2000 kilometers

7 days (District Treasury) at Jaipur, Jodhpur

3 days in other Treasury

Example:- If there is a transfer order on 16th, the joining time will be effective from 17 to 800 km-10 days, (assuming work from 17 to 26) the next day if there is a public holiday.

This 1-day period is effective on the same local transfer in which the employee’s accommodation is not changed

In case of APO, awaiting placement, four days’ tenure is due irrespective of the distance. If the employee has the charge of government stores, 7 days of joining period is payable.

Provision of punishment for overuse of the period of time taken up:-

Normally , if an employee does not take over his new placement place till the due date , the concerned officer can recover his previous service . But the above reason is considered under the period taken by him ( Rule 96 ) i . e . ( exceptional leave ) .

Increase in joining period:-

The increase in the joining time at the elementary level can be up to 30 days under the Head of Department (RSR) rules, further, if any increase is to be made, the Finance Department can do it which will be up to a maximum of 30 days.
The larger period will always be considered under the rules.

In adversity, the permission of the competent authority is to increase the joining period such as:-
In cases of earthquakes, storms, cyclones, etc., the competent authority can increase at the basis of their discretion during the joining period, and under adversity, the enhanced work is payable at par with the pre-time of the time taken.

Combination of public holidays during the joining period:-

If there is any public holiday etc. during joining, it will be counted during the joining period.

Commencement of joining period:-

This period always takes effect from the next day of transfer

Benefits of the joining period to the trainee under the probationers:- The time it takes to travel is payable only when they are always travelling. Dated 21.8. Salary allowances full pay + allowances will be payable during the joining period after 2007.

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