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Before applying for Instant Loan App in india you should First You should listen This Video call. After watching this video then only you will come to know how you can be cheated. So You should judge all agencies and companies which gives instant loan on mobile.

Document List For Loan
Document List For Loan


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Then you can decide how these loan providers works. Many of such companies are working on this model and giving loan on mobile is just a medium to cheat customers. When you are in need of money on urgent basis. You have no choice but to Take loan Whatever comes in front of you.

Are instant loan Providers are trustworthy ?

Then How one can decide Which company is fair and which is not so much good after giving loan. For your problem we wrote this article for you. We are going to cover at least 15 companies which are having their android apps on finance.

These companies are relying on the cibil score and they just watch your financial profile and economic behavior. Such things and scores are decided by you nature againt bills emi and credit card statement. So if you have taken any loan and you are paying your EMI on time then your cibil score will be as good as to approve any kind of loan.

So When You are going to apply for Personal loans or home loans up to 60 lakh and any other kinds of loans like business loans. Then You should have take care of your post paid mobile bills and make a habit of paying them on time.

Best Instant Loan Providing Apps in india


Unfortunately we started from not so good company which provide instant loan. WE got so much negative response on social media. Whatever the interest rates they have shown. It is nothing to do with actually customers has to pay.

So we were not so impress by the reviews of this Company.


As name has a very much resembles from HDFC’s virtual card app. We felt comfortable while talking to the customer care executive. We can be more cautious while dealing with a new company. But still we were very less impressed by the reviews of this Company. You better think and research more on this.

Home Credit

This is probably best in this business where we see them every corner in our cities of india. Their hording and mobile shops are fully filled with their promotional contents. Although Price and the interest rate could be higher side.

But you may Take a instant loan from this comapny. We were impressed by the reviews of this Company. Although not response were good but some positive feed backs were also there.

Anytime Loan

while taking a personal loan from any mobile app you should not go blindly by the name. This app took that much time to fetch our team member’s cibil score in one hour. We were not so happy with such kind of slow business. Hence we weren’t very impress by the slow process of this Company.

Capital First

After Home credit the capital first are among name which can be heard around us. We may apply and trust which has their branches in big cities. Also the behavior of the executive was fast. So We can tell Capital first wasnt bad at all.

Our team give a positive feedback and we are also impress by the reviews of this Company which give instant approval.

Opta Credit

We also heard its name before three weeks so we can say this company isnt relying on advertisement. and We also havent seen them doing any rounds in our cities. So new players in this field can never be trusted. So Did not give any look for any more details.

Loan Tap

ETmonay and loan tap were giving a lots of advertisement in the google ads and facebook ads. So It can be learnt that such company might provide good service to customer. We also got a firm reply on time so our suggestion and opinion is good and we were quite impress by the reviews of this Company on internet.

Smart Coin

Seems this company is in lots of hurry to take back the entire amount from customer very soon ater disbursement of the loan amount. We were not impress by the reviews of this Comapny.

Comparison of Instant Loan App

S. No.Company NameRatingMaximum Loan Amount ClaimedMaximum Loan Amount They Approved ActuallyCibil Score
1Rupeelend***25 Lakh15000650
2mPokket***12 Lakh5000700
3Home Credit*****20 Lakh12500550
4Anytime Loan***10 Lakh34000450
5Capital First****5 Lakh28000800
6Opta Credit*2 Lakh16000750
7Loan Tap**50 Thousand25000650
8Olly Credit****1 Lakh36000500
9PaySense******1.50 Lakh7500590
10CASHe****75 thousand9999700
11Dhani******1.75 Lakh125000850
12Early Salary***35000 Rs32000825
13Nira******50000 Rs23000750
14Money Tap*******55000 Rs8000600
15FlexSalary*****65 Thousand19000700
16MoneyView*****20 thousand29000650
17PayMe India***75 thousand34000560
18Kredit Bee*****90 thousand46000690
19Credy******1 Lakh59000720
20Smart Coin*****40 Thousand25900600

Faqs on Instant Loan App

List of the best instant loan apps in India

We have covered almost 15 Apps which are giving instant loan for indians. You just have to keep you mobile near you.Which is the best personal loan app?

Which is the best personal loan app?

You may Check on this article which is best and which isnt that great.

Who gives them Permission to give loans ?

There are procedures and one can start his business as a finance and loan providers. They have to provide a bank guarantee and some kinds of bonds has to be filled.

Instant Loan App Reality

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