Govt will provide identity cards for teachers like other departments

Now, the teachers of other departments will also get the credentials.

शिक्षक परिचय पत्र

Who will give go and how will the teacher identity card be ?

In the present scenario, teachers also have to do various types of co-educational work. Teachers not only works for the students but they also works for society and nation building. In addition to teaching work under which teachers are in touch with different sections of the society.

Usually teachers are ready at all times to implement various important schemes of the Government. In order to ensure identification of teachers in the community, keeping in view the role of teachers under co-educational activities etc.

In various programmed organized in school premises and public places, the Annual Action Plan for Holistic Education and Budget Session 2019-20 by the Government of India provides for a special budget for providing teacher identity cards to every teacher working in government schools under which all teachers working in government schools (model schools and Sanskrit Vidyalayas) have been introduced to teachers except teachers ( model schools and Sanskrit vidyalayas).

In order to ensure uniformity at the entire State level, the guidelines issued by the State Government are scheduled to be distributed to the teachers by making these credentials at the government level throughout the state for which the Education Department of the State Government has set up a definite guide line for which detailed information is being provided here to all teachers which are as follows:-

Who will print and give the credentials:-

Teacher identity cards to be issued to teachers the samagra Shiksha Abhiyan will be printed and distributed by the District Project Coordinator’s office.

Teachers / Teachers The identity cards to be given to the institution Pradhans are to be prepared by the district office in uniform format and made available to all teachers.

Signed credentials of district project coordinator will be issued .

The district office should be made available by taking action under the Identity Card Rules (Rajasthan Transparency in Public Procurement Rules 2013) by printing.

All the teachers of the state through the district office/district office. Keeping in view the uniformity of the teacher identity card to be made available to the institution Pradhans, the draft identity card, card, cord, general guiding point of the holder has been decided by the State Government. Under the same standards, these credentials will be produced and distributed.

The format and specification of the Identity Card shall be as per the prescribed criteria of the State Government as per the criteria.
Specification of PVC sheet used for I card, U, E, protecting, accelerant laminated, micron PVC card minimum 700 micron, multi color printing both side.
Specification of i card cord – cord size, 25 to 35 mm, total length 36 inches with hook
Specification of old plastic card holder with hook .

The details printed on the card will be made available to the district office by obtaining the chief block education officer after certification from PEEO in rural areas, and institution head of urban area schools, district project coordinators will provide necessary instructions at their own level to obtain certified information from urban area teachers and institution Pradhans.

The number of teachers will be updated on the Shala Darpan portal by the pre-printing district office.

The general statement of the teacher identity card format to be issued to teachers will be as follows:-

On the main page of the identity card, the teacher’s colour photograph, teacher’s name, designation, date of birth, and name of the Vidyalaya, district, block, village, and U-dow code will be recorded.

The designation and signature of the officer issuing the credentials will be recorded at the end of the main page.

On the page part of the Teacher Identity Card, the father/father is not able to do so. The name of the husband, the first appointment date in the state service, the personnel ID, the blood group, and the mobile number, and the permanent address will be recorded.

The entire information should be as per the service book record. Identity card that is very essential
The facts to be recorded must be examined from the service book.

This identity card is being used by all teachers working in government schools/schools. The institutions will be issued to the Pradhans only, working in the offices/ offices. No identity cards will be issued from this budget to be issued by the State Government to teachers and ministerial staff working elsewhere on deputation.

The identity cards will not be issued to teachers whose retirement period is less than 1 year.

In the transfer of teacher, retirement, status of service abandonment, teacher identity card will be deposited back by the institution head.

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