How to change name and date in birth certificate?

How can the student’s date of birth and name be modified? All institutions, teachers and house mirrors are very essential information for charge.

Many a time, during or after the student’s study, there is a variation in the original record and school records in the date of birth and name, in such circumstances, the student is applied for revision of date of birth or name at the school level, therefore,

it is necessary for each institution to know the procedure to be followed for revision of date or name of the students studying in the Vidyalaya. For this0 This information is being made available by “rajshala” to the entire teacher class to make it easier for all of you to solve this type of episode.

Procedure to be done before filling up the application form for board examination for change of date of birth/date of birth. necessary action

First of all, that student must be studying.

An application may be submitted by the parent of the parent in which the date of birth has been written for change. Also, the following certificates must be attached along with that application form:-

Copy of Application Form of First Admission

Gram Panchayat/ Copy of birth certificate obtained from municipality .

An affidavit of parents mentioning the date of birth of living and dead offspring.

Two neighbors/ neighbors Affidavits of Relatives

A horoscope made for the basis of date of birth.

Copy of scholar register page of the school studying.

Copy of T.C of pre-school.

Copy of admission application.

After the above action, the school by which the process of changing the date of birth of the student is being followed. With a categorical comment on the application form of the head of the institution of that school,

all copies of the application will be sent to the concerned district education officer, and if the case is satisfied with the actual situation, the district education officer will issue an order for change of birth date from his office

the copy of the order will be necessarily pasted on the relevant page of the scholar’s register of the Vidyalaya. In which the order number, written on the date scholar page, the amendment will be recorded and certified by the institution head by self-signed and the stamp of the institution head of the vidyalaya.

Change in the date of birth of the student will be valid after this process

Procedure for revision of date of birth name or surname after applying to board examination:-

Generally, amendments are not accepted once registered in the records in the Board office date of birth, student name, father’s name, surname etc.

However, if there is any difference between the student’s admission application form in the scholar’s register or from the scholar’s register while making the entries in the examination application form, the forwarding officer may consider amending the original record of the school concerned to the board office for examination.

For each amendment, the date of birth, the name of the student, the father’s name, etc., the board implements the action by obtaining separate amendment fee as per rules.

A student takes action only after sending the fee to the board as per rules by conducting certification by the concerned house to amend the spelling proof in the mark table.

Cases prior to 5 years are not considered for the above amendment.

After passing the board examination, the student receives the tattooing of a relative or relative, the name of the adoptor in place of his father’s name cannot be changed on any basis.

Procedure to be followed for revision of student’s name or surname:-

The episode of change in the name of the student’s father will not be presented in the office.

Only students studying can be presented with the case of a student.
The following documents are required to be attached along with the application form of the student or guardian:-

Original Certificate of Authorized Court/Certificate An affidavit containing the name of the student, the name of the father, the name of the present school, the class in which the study is certified.

Published in recognized daily newspaper (State Level) /2018 Common notice of name change.

The Guardian’s written declaration shall be liable for any dispute arising out of the student’s name change.

Copy of admission application form.

Transfer Certificate of Pre-Studying School

A copy of the page of the scholar’s register belonging to the student.

The comments of the head of the institution are required to be written on the application form given by the student or guardian.

As above, the application process will be completed and the district education officer will issue an order for change of name or surname if satisfied by examining the entire application form received by the institution head and the documents enclosed in the relevant case.

A copy of the order issued by the District Education Officer is recorded with the institution principal order number, date and name/name. Will amend the surname and authenticate and copy it in the school’s record and scholar’s register and edit the action in full thereafter the student’s name or surname will be considered as revised.

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