Formailities of Vidyarthi Suraksa Durghatana Bima Yojana

Documents and Procedures Required for Insurance Claim:-

Claim form issued by State Insurance and Provident Fund Department, Rajasthan Jaipur in case of accident Guardian / Guardian Headmaster by Patron/Guardian.

The principal himself signed and the concerned Chief Block Education Officer/Director District Education Officer Secondary Headquarters.

The district education officer is to immediately send the State Insurance and Provident Fund Department office of the concerned district with a signature and forwarding letter towards elementary education. The following documents are required to be attached with the case. :-

Claim Form issued by State Insurance & Provident Fund Department, Rajasthan Jaipur for claiming insurance

Photo copy of FIR

Post Mortem Report Copy

death certificate

Certificate of Institution Head

Copy of bank passbook of claimant

Copy of Challan of student safety accident insurance scheme fee issued by the Vidyalaya.

The circumstances under which the benefit of insurance claim is not payable are as under:

Death due to cardiac arrest

Deaths or other damages caused by various diseases such as cancer TB etc.

Self-harm, suicide or attempted suicide, dementia or damage caused by the effects of drug use by a student

Death or damage caused by doctors during surgery.

Death due to nuclear radiation or atomic development/ Damage, war alien invasion alien enemy’s masterpieces civil war, treason, death damage caused by anti-national activities

The loss of the student while violating the law prescribed by law for criminal purpose will not come under the student protection insurance scheme.

The scheme is being run by the State Insurance and Provident Fund Department , Rajasthan Jaipur (General Insurance Scheme) .

The plan is renewed on August 15 each year.

In case of death or other bodily harm of the student in accident under student safety accident insurance scheme, circular/provision issued by the Department of State Insurance and Provident Fund (General Insurance Scheme) in accordance with the provisions of the scheme/ Insurance money is paid as per policy issued every year

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