No Its not a Disha Patni Gym Video!!!!!

There is a Disha Patni Video Gym Video cerculating on social media which went Viral and people have gone crazy about it. They are not watching the video and just forwarding to the social media.

Above Video is not a Disha Patani Gym Video. The Content Maker put a video of a gym trainer in the early part of the video and exact at the time of 1.04 Min the actual video begin in which a team of colleagues send whatsapp messages to each other. We Think this video was made just for the views and later on they will remove the front part and change the title and description of the video.

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Whatsapp Groups and facebook post have been found and as you know the youtube thumbnails are also seen doing rounds. You may also check out this video which was uploaded on youttube by tamil focus official channel.

Untill some one fact checked this video people are just watching this and keep forwarded it to other social media handles like twitter and facebook. You may see a fact check has been done on this video.

While checking this video we come to know that this video does not relate to disha patni who is a renowned actress. and few notorious youtube channel can go to any extent to increase their views.

Since this video is fake we request you to dont go by the thumbnail and saw any video after coming from a known channel. In case you find it appropriate then only subscribe to that channel.

Never believe in fake videos and do not share such video which are offensive and try to report to the fact checking websites. We are also trying our level best to fight with such videos and will bring you more fake video and news and clear the air.

Internet world is created for a better things and you should also become responsible enough to watch only authentic videos. If you have come across any fake video kindly do write in comment. We will act immediately and find the truth for you.

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