How to get composite school grant and where to spend this amount

How much money is available to each school, and what items it can spend on purchasing, complete information about the school composite grant

What is School Composite Grant:-

There is a fixed amount through samagra Shiksha Abhiyan (Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan). The fixed amount in every financial year provides for a special composite grant for all government primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary, schools as well as KGBv, Sanskrit education schools, schools run by the Education Workers Board, schools under the Department of Social Welfare.

Requirement should be full filled and meet the general educational co-educational and physical needs, as well as replacement of old equipments and work as per requirement for cleanliness in the vidyalaya.

There is a provision for this amount to be utilized to meet the basic needs of the Vidyalaya for which specific criteria have been prescribed by the State Government or by the overall education campaign. The main objective of this composite school grant is to develop text-concomitant activities to promote quality teaching work of students and to cater to the daily and physical needs of schools.

On what basis this amount is released.

The data provided by the Vidyalaya every year , which according to the dice , is available with the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan . According to him, this grant is given to government primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary schools.

Through which and how this amount is provided

Transfer of this amount by district project coordinator directly to rural area and urban area schools. The school development and management committee is transferred to the bank account, as well as the criteria prescribed for use of the school-wise amount in the composition school grant item.

After issuance by the district office, the payment sanction is also required to be uploaded on the Shala Darpan portal, school-wise.

How much is available to each school under school composite grant:-

The composite school grant amount is distributed to each school by the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan on the basis of last year’s enrolment which is as follows:
1-15 -12500 ₹
16-100 -25000₹
101-250 -50000₹
251-1000 -75000₹
Above 1000 -100000 ₹

What, the material can be purchased from the school composite grant. What’s not more:-

The school composite grant issued by the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan is to be spent as follows:-

For replacement of functional equipments of the Vidyalaya.

Carpet Strip/Carpet Strip carpet

Shyampattu Repair & Colour Rogan, Green Board, Adam’s Mirror

Photoenabled details of personnel

Chalk/Chalk Duster etc.

Examination Stationery

Drinking water system and power expenditure

A daily newspaper (mandatory)

Mathematics / Mathematics Expenditure on replacement of science kit material

Organizing competitions, sports materials, printing achievement certificates.

To fill the gas in the cylinder of fire extinguishers

Rent to take students referred to Shala Swasthya Karyakram to hospital

For maintenance and repair of laboratory equipments

Internet Related Functions

Annual Breakage Repair & Vidyalaya Building Toilet Urinal Arrangements

Teaching learning in purchasing and manufacturing materials

Broom, matka, bucket, soap, etc.

SMC/SMC/SMC for other considerations in student interest on the proposal of sdmc.

Out of the school composite amount, 10% of the expenditure has been earmarked for Swachhta Action Plan which will be used only for the following works:-

School Toilets / Toilets For regular use and maintenance of urinal .

Toilet / Toilet To purchase the desired material such as brushes, acids, toilet cleaners, etc. for cleaning and cleaning the urinal.

To arrange soap for hand washing for students before MDM and after toilet use.

To get minor repairing of toilet urinal.

Toilet/Toilet To install running water facility or water tank in the urinal.

To provide for disposal of waste water and dry waste .

In class room, purchase/purchase of garbage containers for placing in the Vidyalaya campus. To prepare.

For construction of incinerator with girl child toilet.

To recover the drinking water source .

The composite school grant amount is required to be taken care of not to be spent in the following items:-

Students, headmaster rooms, staff rooms, furniture should not be purchased for purchase of furniture.

On refreshments etc.

The celebration is to be photographed of the festive event.

After receiving the school composite amount, the school has the main points or procedure of expenditure to take care of before spending the said amount:-

First of all, smc should identify the annual needs of your school and prepare written proposals.

Determine the financial estimate of smc year-round requirements.

A committee of 4 members of the SMC should be formed with two guardian members in addition to the Chairman and Secretary.

Special care should be taken to keep the quality of the purchased material at a high level.

Cash register, stock register and bill boucher may be maintained by purchasing material.

Immediately after use/ After every quarter, the utilization certificate in the prescribed form is required to be sent to the district office.

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