See how Vinay kumar Rocked again with Betal hindi web series Netflix

In the season of web series Sharakh khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment has also started giving its prominent contribution by providing some quality web series. Latest on is Betal hindi web series , created by Patrick Graham which comes under horror zombies genre.

Introduction of Betal

This web series is all about A team of highly trained army which is hired by a Private Construction Business Tycoons. Because he was getting problems by these locals which believes in their gods and do not open certain things and follow all instruction from a old lady.

They dont want roads and such highway and just to displace tribal villagers that businessman brings an army unit to make way for a new highway, In the process to solve this problem they unearth British soldier-zombies.

Story is very intense and Mukkabaz Fame Actor vineet Kumar who played the lead role of army officer Vikram sirohi.

Cast and Crew of Betal

Actor : vineet Kumar
Actress : Ahana Kumara Suchitra Pillai

Season and Episodes of Betal

As per Netflix the first season was released which have four episodes

S1 Episode 1 The Tunnel Duration 46m

This episode is entry point when army starts displacing the local villagers in order to open a closed tunnel a supposedly cursed mountain, Army unit also face local tribes resistance and an zombies attack.

Betal S1 Episode 2 The Barracks Duration 50m

The group secures the barracks, but as strange deaths and disappearances continue, Sirohi presses Puniya for the truth about the casualties among them.

Episode 3 Betal The Battle Duration 47m

A squad member is found to be possessed by the evil colonel’s spirit. As the threats inside the now-defenseless barracks grow, the zombie army approaches.

4th Episode Betaal The Colonel Duration 46m

A vulnerable Sirohi risks succumbing to the colonel’s deadly commands. The survivors head to Betaal Mountain for an ultimate fight against the curse.

Betal web series is available on netflix and it can be downloaded after buying monthly subscription of netflix in Rs 199 to 799 INR.

Ratings of Betal

Rating of Betal is a bit concern for red chilles entertainment as it got 5.3 star rating from IMDB.

Final Words on Betal

if you like zombie movie and have 3 hour of time while traveling you may watch it.

Note : We also came to know that few Illegal Sources Like Download Betal on Telegram channels, and movie downloading websites like Tamilrockers and movieflix etc. but we do not encourage you to download Betal from torrents and other websites.

Information Credit Netflix.


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