Admission Process in Model School

Complete process of selection and mode of application in model school

Details of admission process of Swami Vivekananda Government Model Schools

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The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009 has come into force in the country. According to which a class, a child belonging to society should not be deprived of education, the admission process of these schools has been fixed in this spirit.

The process of enrolment for admission to model schools in the last week of the month of February every year begins

Under the RTE Act, it is not possible to have an entrance test for admission from Class VI to VIII, therefore, admission has been provided only through prioritizing of boys and girls of the block.

An Admission Committee has been constituted to prepare admission and reserve list based on availability of vacant places for admission to Swami Vivekananda Government Model School at block level. Which is as follows:-

Principal of Government Higher Secondary School located near Model School – (Chairman)
Chief Block Elementary Education Officer – (Member)
A Public Representative (Member nominated by the Chairman)
Principal of Models School- (Member Secretary)

A provision of minimum age 10 years and maximum age 12 for admission to Class VI has been kept.

The said age will be considered as the basis of March 31

The right to age relaxation will be to the Admission Committee

Applications will be invited by the Committee through local newspapers keeping in view the number of vacancies of model school of the block by publishing advertisements by the head or near nodal institution head.

Admission form for admission to Swami Vivekananda Government Model School is payable free of cost to the applicant

The student residing in the same block for admission is admitted on priority basis.

In case the seat is vacant, admission can be given to students from other blocks.

A policy for admission on priority basis has been laid down by the State Government from Classes VI to VIII by not conducting the entrance test as per RTE Rules 2009 wherein the priorities are predetermined according to which admission to the model school for classes VI to VIII is as under:-

First preference is widow, grass and HIV/AIDS in the respective block. Child girls of AIDS-afflicted parents

Second preference disabled child girls irrespective of category

Third preference BPL family centre and state list of SC, SC OBC, minority category child girls

Fourth Preference Child Girls of General Category of BPL Family

Fifth preference BPL family child girls belonging to SC, ST, OBC minority category

6th Preference BPL General Category Boys Girls

A minimum of 55% of the total inaccessible seats has been kept for girl students.

Students residing in the same block for admission to the model school will be admitted on priority basis and in case of vacant seats, admission can be given to other block students.

100% admission in class VI will be new but in addition to students studying in classes 7-8, admission will also be given as per the prescribed priorities.

Admission committee will ensure that admission class 6 to 8 has 100% enrolment

The organizational character of the Admission Committee will remain in conformity with the guidelines issued by the State Government for the year 2014 as described above.

The order of preference will be met, yet the students will be selected for study through lotteries if the number of students who have entered exceeds the number of eligible boys and girls.

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